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Do you have a rotator cuff repair planned in your future? Be as prepared as you can for what is to come and what to expect afterward.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Neck pain is incredibly common, yet people often struggle with it for long periods. Check out our eBook to see what we do differently to get results.

Cervical Manipulation.jpg

You may or may not have heard the term "manual therapy" before. If not (and even if you have), this piece is for you! Often people think of seeing a physical therapist as just exercise. Here, that couldn't be more wrong. Learn about some of the common treatments we perform like dry needling, spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, and more!

Manual Therapy

Knee replacements are common – make sure you know what to expect before and after the surgery so that there are no surprises and so that you can have a great outcome!

Knee Pain Treatment

Concussions are anything but one size fits all. Comprehensive assessment and rehab is key to reducing long-term effects and injury risks.


It can be hard to find good resources on how to safely remain active – either while pregnant or shortly after giving birth. Ultimately, the evidence supports the fact that being active during your pregnancy can help with your health (and baby's health, too!), but we find that many people are hesitant due to not knowing what's safe. Check out some general guidelines here to learn more and to keep active before baby comes.

Pregnant Mother
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