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Joint Care

Whether you've had a joint replacement or are seeking to avoid a surgery, we've got you covered!

Research suggests that many cases of joint osteoarthritis can be treated without surgery; in fact, most research guidelines recommend seeing a physical therapist first. Just check out what groups like OARSI have to say.  Trust your local expert provider to maximize your mobility and function, and don't let that hip or knee osteoarthritis be the reason you can't get back to doing the things you love.

Non-surgical joint treatment:

  • Knee arthritis

  • Hip arthritis

  • Base of thumb (1st carpometacarpal joint) arthritis

  • Spine arthritis

  • Ankle sprains

What sets us apart:

  • Knowledge regarding effective non-invasive management of joint pain

  • Knowledge of research regarding indications for and against more invasive treatment options (e.g., injections, surgery)

  • Knowledge of prognostic factors

Shoulder pain treatment Smithfield VA
Knee pain treatment Smithfield VA


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