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Dizziness, Headaches, and Concussion Care

Dizziness and headaches are common symptoms people frequently experience. Often, people just accept these without realizing that there are treatment options beyond medication to help with these. Certain types of headaches respond very well to manual therapy and specific exercise. Dizziness can be complex and variable, but a thorough examination can often identify the source and lend to successful treatment.

Headache treatment:

  • Cervicogenic headaches (headaches referred from the spine)

  • Tension-type headaches

Jaw/TMJ and facial pain:

  • TMJ hypermobility/instability

  • TMJ stiffness/mobility disorders (i.e., difficulty opening the mouth fully)

Dizziness (vertigo and non-vertigo sources of dizziness):

  • Vertigo (BPPV, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo – spinning-type dizziness that occurs with positional changes)

  • Vestibular dysfunction (wavy/unsteady feeling that can lead to disorientation, feeling off-balance, and having difficulty with visual tracking when reading or watching something)

Vertigo treatment

Post-concussion syndrome can include a wide variety of symptoms. Our providers are well versed in the screening and examination measures needed to identify what may be impaired after a concussion, as well as the appropriate management for a return to school, sports, work, or wherever life may take you.

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