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Joint Replacement Care

Whether you've had a joint replacement or are seeking to avoid a surgery, we've got you covered.

Joint replacements are super common, but that doesn't mean everyone has the same outcome. Trust your local expert provider to maximize your mobility and function, and don't let that joint replacement be the reason you can't get back to doing the things you love.

Many people may view post-surgical rehab as being the same no matter where you go. At Smithfield Physical Therapy Specialists, we assure you that this is not the case. With individualized, hands-on care, we address your unique and individual limitations for joint mobility and strength and cater a specific treatment plan to ensure that you get back to doing all the things you enjoy doing.

Learn more about how we can help you prepare for and recover from your joint replacement by clicking here!

Joint replacement expert care:

  • Knee replacement

  • Hip replacement

  • Shoulder replacement

  • Ankle joint replacement

  • Thumb (base of thumb)/carpal replacement

What sets us apart:

  • Knowledge regarding effective non-invasive management of joint pain

  • Knowledge of research regarding indications for and against more invasive treatment options (e.g., injections, surgery)

  • Knowledge of prognostic factors (in essence, those factors that can help you to have a good outcome, and how to address factors that may negatively impact your outcome)

Joint replacement Smithfield VA
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