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Taking Back Your Life

Ankle sprain keeping your child off the field or court? Waking up with a stiff and achy neck? Shoulder pain keeping you from playing catch with the kids or crushing it on the golf course? Back pain making it hard to play with your grandchildren?

We've heard and seen these situations (and many like them) where muscle and joint pain interfere with the life you love, and we've helped countless people take charge of their health and get back to enjoying life – without having to worry about pain getting in the way, and without having to resort to invasive procedures or medications.


Physical Therapy – Redefined

3 sets of 10, limited or no supervision.  No cues or correction or modification to make sure you're actually doing what should be helping you.  Your provider being hands-on with the computer and not with your treatment.  General exercises – things you can easily do at home once shown what to do.  Spending more than an hour in the clinic only to spend half of that (or less) directly with your provider...  We can do better.  You deserve better for your health.

This is what we hear frequently of people's experience with physical therapy.  At Smithfield Physical Therapy Specialists, you will see one provider – a board-certified specialist – for your entire visit.  No worrying about a minimum amount of time in the clinic for billing or a goal number of visits – just delivering what you need to help you get back to being you.  We strive to deliver the care you need and discuss with you the specific few things to do at home so that you can take control of your health and so that you can get better, faster.  We start with a very thorough interview, taking a deep dive into your symptoms, how they have impacted your life and progressed over time, your symptom history, your medical history, and your goals.  From here, a targeted physical exam in conjunction with your history will help us to determine best treatment strategies and guide our intervention on day one.  As we move through care, variety and progression should be expected – if you can do it at home, we'll save that for home and focus on moving you forward each time.  We will direct our focus to provide you with care that is supported by research and specific to the problems you are facing.

Our biggest goals at the end of the day are to help you get better as efficiently and effectively as possible, to equip you with the tools to take charge of your own health, and to provide an unmatched healthcare experience while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs as much as possible.

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We are in network with many common insurance carriers. 

We are in the process of credentialing with many major insurance carriers and are happy to check with your carrier to check on your status.  In instances of out-of-network status, we offer competitive rates that may ultimately yield a lower out-of-pocket cost to you than seeing someone in-network.  Additionally, we do offer cash-pay rates for those not seeking to utilize insurance.  Have questions?  We're happy to discuss these with you before committing to anything.